13 ways to transform old clothing

Here's a compilation of some of the best clothing refashion DIYs. All perfect for even the most novice crafter. So make sure you think twice before you toss that pile into the donation box - better yet, do the tutorials then donate it all for some instant crafting karma ☆

1. Probably the simplest way to add edge to a plain top is to find some sciscors and get cutting .

This site has lots of ideas for your next tshirt cutting project

2. Transform one of your many tank tops into the perfect party top inspired by Balenciaga (no need to tell anyone its not designer)
Learn how here

3. If you're handy with a pen give your boring leggings a pick me up with a bleach pen. Get inspired and transfer this technique over to tops, jeans, shoes, and decor.

4. Transform a pashmina scarf into an equally warm but much more stylish kimono cardigan 
Learn how here

5. Alter one of your moms abandoned attic sweaters into something that's actually wearable. 
Learn how here

6. Your bra straps will never be a fashion statement but this quick fix will change your life for the better. Just get a strapless bra cut off the thick straps and sew elastic bands on instead. Extra points if you use colored bands.

7. Because even Todo deserves a little something - and because no human should ever wear that horrid sweater. 

8. If you're over that maxi skirt don't toss it! Reincarnate it into your new go-to slip dress
Learn how here

9. Hide stains on a pre-loved shirt or just add some zest to a new basic tee with this Free People inspired tutorial
Learn how here

10. How to make an easy and super versatile skater skirt using a tshirt - feel free to use cool patterns for this one. 

11. Add some glamor to your basic tee using nothing but beads, a needle, thread, and imagination.
Learn how here 

12. Bleached & Faded did a tutorial on cage crop tops back in 2012. She's a woman ahead of her time; catch up by following this simple no sew tutorial - I've done it and the tshirt to trendy transformation is incredible.
Learn how here 

13. Alter a grandma's closet or thrift store find into something a little more generation-X friendly. 
Learn how here

Until next time ♡