A Little Natural Inspiration

For the past two months I have been lucky enough to travel around Europe. Thanks to the big hearts of family members who have welcomed me into spare bedrooms my small wallet has not been horribly traumatized. Needless to say I have been left with a countless amount of beautiful memories. I have sipped mint tea on a balcony in Morocco; ran through a golden sunflower field as the sun rose; explored the tide pools and caves of my favorite beaches; and bravely went on my first solo trip to Amsterdam and London. Proving that some of the most memorable experiences cost nothing at all. Getting into nature is the most therapeutic remedy there is and throughout my travels I have inevitably seen some absolutely stunning landscapes - the kind that forces inspiriation and peaceful energy into my soul. So here I am sharing that same feeling with you 
Beavertail Park in Jamstown, Rhode Island.
Moon over sunflower fields in the outskirts of Seville, Spain
Lonely boat on the Mediterranean sea
still waters of a serene canal in Amsterdam
Marina Port Vell in Barcelona, Spain
The busy streets of London
The famous cathedral in the small town of Exeter, UK
serenity in the countryside outside of London
cliffs meet the ocean in Newquay, UK

I am now finishing up the last days of my trip in Exeter, UK and I have so much gratitude and joy in my heart for all of the new experiences I have been blessed with. Although I feel some sorrow ending this journey I know that this is only the beginning of a life full of travels. 

Until next time