DIY: 10 minute T-shirt to halter top refashion

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classic Brandy Melville cropped halter
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The summer scorching is about to settle in this August so get ready with a new kick ass halter รก la Brandy Melville's 'good vibes' top; that rad Etsy tie-dye find; or like my favorite Motel Rocks design above. I took inspiration from Panache's halter crop DIY but made it friendly for dorm room crafting sans sewing machine so you don't wake up your roomie when inspiration strikes at midnight. We're bringing back the 90s - just without the dungarees, crimped hair, bandanas, and denim. All you need is a graphic tee and scissors to get started! 

I used a crop top I already owned and was quickly getting sick of - Brazil losing the World Cup may have been a factor in this change of heart. The benefits are that its very oversized on me (more length for straps) and since it is a crop top I can keep the original hem (hell yes, no sewing.). 
To begin, turn the top over and cut upwards down the middle. Then cut horizontally (this depends how thick you want the back tie to be) I cut at the halfway mark till I hit the side seams. 

Open up the tshirt to get a clearer view at the full shape. Then measure your front bust measurement - or just eyeball it like I did. A key part to this is keeping in mind how revealing you want the halter to be. Just remember you can always cut away more, unfortunately, the opposite is never true. Once you have determined the measurement make marks across the area where your girls will hit.
Begin at the bottom corner of one of the open flaps and cut diagonally until you hit the bust mark made before. Continue until you are 3 to 4 inches away from the neckline and cut in the opposite direction to remove excess fabric (although it doesnt look pretty keep the excess fabric at the neck for now). Repeat this step on the opposite side.
Fold the top in half to make both sides symmetrical. Decide how you want the straps and begin cutting upwards. Since the neckline was oversized I decided to keep the original hem by cutting away any excess fabric around it.  It was long enough to tie around the back of my neck - however many tshirts may not be like this so cut off the neck line and replicate the shape. 
Now that you have the basic structure try on your halter and make any finishing touches to get your desired shape and style - have some fun and see what works best for you.
Once you are done you may be tempted to find the nearest payphone and tell all your friends -  dont be fooled its really 2014 and Facebook and Pinterest are much better ways to share this find. Click below!