Thrifting Tales: soft grunge Spring Festival Boots

Soft Grunge. One of my favorite 90s derived styles is hopefully here to stay. There's nothing like waking up and knowing you don't have to work, in the 90s that was everyone's reality. Let's bring it back, people.

Who doesn't like a great pair of leather boots? I sure know I do, and maybe this habit is bordering on addiction but who's to know.
Short leather boots aren't just for fall and are awesome to add some toughness to light dresses, or some eye candy to a simple outfit.
On my latest thrifting haul I found some amazing vintage quality leather boots - best part is it didn't bust up my wallet.

Plaid is also pretty rad. Wear your booties with about every style! 

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Spring Cleaning: how to minimize your closet

I have struggled time and time again with an overflowing closet.
The connection I have to mere pieces of fabric is all too real - for some it can be emotional and sentimental memories that connect us to our favorite pieces, for others it's the sheer monetary investment that keep rarely worn items in the closet.

Well, spring cleaning is here! There is no better time to rework your wardrobe for this new season so here are some tips on getting started.

1. Define your style. 
This part has always been hard for me since I find myself loving all sorts of different styles. A pair of doc martens, a pair of ballet flats, and a wild pair of red heels may seem helpful in creating an eclectic wardrobe but you will always find yourself gravitating towards a particular style.
I myself am trying to go for a more minimalist look although I adore the boho I find myself dressing rather neutral and clean cut rather than the wild, flower child, looks I find online.

The solution: Pinterest can be a wonderful source of help - just start adding pictures that interest your style and sure enough you'll find a common denominator in all of them to start building a wardrobe that fits your personal style rather than fleeting trends.

2. What don't you wear? 
It's easy enough to know what you want to wear, but what do you never seem to get around to throwing on?  It can be hard to keep track of how long that cardigan has been hanging in your closet, especially if you find yourself thinking about wearing it every one in a while.

The solution: Remove all items that you know haven't been worn in a while or that don't quite match your defined style. For the rest,  turn all of your hangers around (hook facing you) at the beginning of a season. As you wear clothing turn their hangers back around. Everything you haven't touched in a few months will still have the reversed hanger and should be immediately donated or sold on one of many resell sites (Vinted, Poshmark, Threadflip) for some cash that can go to things you will actually wear!

3. Determine your essentials
What can you absolutely not live without? Whether it is your go-to work blazer, favorite versatile shoes, or perfect jeans, they are essential to minimizing your wardrobe. Keep these items in mind when you shop for new products as they will act as your base for outfits time and time again.

The solution: Don't buy anything that you don't have at least 3 or more items to pair it with and one or more setting to wear it to. Otherwise, it will end up in your wardrobe wasteland. If you are looking for unique trend pieces, thrifting is always the most economical and earth friendly way to shop for quick use items.

Until next time!