Thrifting Finds DIY: Revamping Vintage Chunky Wooden Platforms

Fall is the season to break out the best your closet has to offer. Although letting go of summer is always tough at least we have comfy sweaters and our favorite jeans to greet us in to the season. To amp up the style I'm looking back to summers chunky heel trend and bringing it with me into fall with some sweet vintage wooden platforms.

The original condition. Sad.

1. Sanding the original stain. This part was a bit tedious but definitely the most important part to a clean finished product. 300 grit sandpaper and a lot of elbow grease to get a smooth clean finish.

 Finally sanded! This portion took me the most time- roughly an hour to make sure I took out all the dings and take out the deep set stain. You can now see the original color of the wood which is surprisingly durable and heavy duty. These are sure to last a while!

2. Staining!
Probably the scariest part for many people, but gel stain is probably the easiest method for a fool proof stain. I opted for a dark mahogany and got a bit liberal with the application which I recommend. You just slather it on and wipe off the excess after 20 minutes to an hour depending on how deep you want it to set.

Because I was so sloppy I ended up getting some stain on the threading and leather upper. Since I couldn't turn back I just put that stain on everything. I lightly applied it to the leather and thread and amazingly it took hold and complemented the heels better than I thought it would.

3. Letting it dry
Probably the most emotionally difficult step- I wanted to try these on ASAP. It's best to wipe of excess stain and let it dry two days before wearing.

There you have it - It's always easy to bring new life to a thrifted find!

Until Next Time