My Pad: Dorm Decor

Living in a 12x10 dorm room isn't easy... especially when you try to bring your whole life with you like I did my freshman year of college. Fortunately, I've had some time to figure out my ways- even though sometimes I can't see the floor. I've been making a real effort to cut back and wanted to share my attempts at a boho minimalist decor

Where the magic happens: my attempts to liven up the drab dresser that came with the room.

Time to unwind. You always need room for Buddha and Incense 
The curtain Velvet hanging was thrifted and upcycled. I also thrifted the little  Zodiac mirror. 
I had so much fun designing and 3d printing the mandala wall hook on tinkercad!
The inspiration corner; collections from my travels, thrifted finds, art, and of course orchids.

My little slice of heaven fit with a Mandala tapestry a lovely 1970s Dreamcatcher and a fur throw repurposed from my great grandmothers winter coat. 

10 minute DIY: reusable makeup case

This Upcycled Make up Case is inspired by magnetic cases (like the Z Palette) that allow you to use the metal tin swatches inside makeup products to mix and match and combine all your favorite makeups! Everything I love in one DIY-  upcycling and downsizing.

I'm not a huge makeup girl, I usually slap on some sunscreen and chapstick before class. But since I just came across some gorgeous (but loose tin) Aveda makeup products I was inspired to DIY a makeup case of my own. 
This project is completely zero waste from 100% upcycled materials. I opted not to buy magnetic sheets to make it adjustable but I do reccomend sourcing some for your version to make it truly customizable. I used some scrap Indian sari fabric and a hinged metal frame from the local thrift shop. 


Hinged picture frame
super glue
optional: magnetic sheet
lots of make up!
1. Take out the panels (glass and cardboard backing) of your frames and trace their size onto your up cycled fabric. 

2. Cut fabric to size and paste it with a light coat of mod podge on the exterior side of the cardboard. 

3. If you will be gluing your make up swatches add the matching (sans embroidery) fabric to the other side which will be the interior behind the glass. If you'd like a less committed makeup case stick a layer of magnetic sheet directly onto the interior glass.

4.  Keep the glass tight to the seal and add layers of paper or cardboard as needed until the panels sit tight within the metal frame