For the Love of Vintage: Creating a vintage only wardrobe

There are so many reasons why I choose vintage. Some people may have a little stigma against it. I used to get looks and made fun of for being a thrift-shop maniac, and maybe it's because I have a tendency to go overboard. But since Macklemore's Thrift Shop propaganda this means of fashion has taken a whole new turn and has grown 5% each year. So now here I am sharing the reasons you should love vintage as much as I do, hoping to convert you all.

1. LOVE the quality.
The thing about vintage pieces is that you can find stitching and the fabric above anything you'll find in a store today. Made in U.S.A pieces are my pride and joy. They are a rarity in the fast fashion world we live in now. Most often than not our closets are filled with low quality garments designed to be replaced often, which means less loving for your clothes and more money out of your wallet.

2. FASHION without the Splurge
Vintage goods whether they come from a thrift shop or from a curated vintage shop like my own are almost always cheaper than high-end brands. Unless your seeking the ultimate vintage Dior piece, buying vintage will save your wallet without sacrificing quality and orginality.

3. Never be a Copy Cat
Ever since I was in middle school I always insisted on altering my clothes in some way to make it stand out in a crowd. I added butterflies to my jean jacket, I made my own jewelry, needless to say it was cringe-worthy, but I've always wanted a little flare and uniqueness in my wardrobe. Buying vintage does just that.
 Find a one-of-a-kind piece that suit your independent style and brings you steps away from cookie-cutter trends and silhouettes.

4. Support Mother Earth 
We. Waste. So. Much. Every year over 10 million tons of clothing are tossed in the landfill. I love fashion and trends as much as the next person, but at what cost?
Up-cycling, re-fashioning, and second-hand account for about  90% of all of my clothing and in the past 4 years I have only bought handful of clothing brand new.
You don't have to go all out like me, even just a few purchases a year avoids a large carbon footprint from the production of clothes and prevents clothing from going into the waste cycle. Just make sure it's something you'll actually wear!