Cut + Sew 10 minute DIYs

Not many of us have time on our hands to really commit to the crafting lifestyle. Luckily, the internet is abound with helpful and easy DIYs that let us get some of our creative juices flowin' without tons of work and tears. I compiled some of my favorites - which only take some basic sewing skills and 10 minutes of your time. Before you know it you'll have a great new accessory or the perfect handmade gift that will sure to leave your friends wowed.

1. this cute little clutch is the perfect travel carry all for your makeup. Only takes a few stitches and a zipper and you're there! 

2. The hardest part would be getting some hardware but look at some old purses you may have lying around or use a large bead to make a simple version of this sleek headphone organizer
3. The clutch is always a go to. This one is fast enough that you can whip one up to match your outfit just in time for a night on the town

4. Who doesn't love a luxe leather tote? With a few straight stitches you can turn a drab thrift store find into this lovely bag.

4. This simple one cut wallet is genius! Use leather with some weight and stiffness to it. No sewing required
 5. A great project for the beginner sewer. Turn scrap fabric into a reusable shopping bag!

4. Love this little box cosmetic bag! A great gift for a friend, stuff it with some goodies share the love.

Until next time,